The bike's electrical system uses pulsing alternating current and not DC as you might think.

Measuring the semi-waves of the AC allows to know the engine's RPM. The POWER FRK reads the RPMs and based on that operates when the RPMs are increasing and it doesn't operate while the RPMs are flat or decreasing.

The Power FRK measures the pressure's variation of the air box, amplifying the values read by the air temperature sensor only while the throttle is open.

When the throttle is closed or at steady state, the POWER FRK stands by, leaving the original engine's mappings unchanged.

That mechanism makes the engine work at the best regardless the temperature's conditions, latitude or altitude, since it adjusts the correct values automatically.

The default engine mappings of Euro 3 engines change the fuel-air mixture ratio and ignition timing based on the air temperature, producing more power and torque when the air's temperature is lower.

The "cold" engine mappings used by the POWER FRK are active only during throttle aperture, making the fuel-air mixture richer and increasing the ignition timing.

All that improves the thermodynamic efficiency and the performances of the engine at the expense of the values of the Euro 3 regulations. Because of that the POWER FRK provides more power and more torque without increasing the gasoline consumption and it works automatically without requiring complex settings or calibrations.